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Can a Used Car Dealer Sell a Car with an Unfixed Recall?

By Car Accident Help on March 20, 2018

spanner-3013135_1920Used cars are often bought and sold without regard for any manufacturer recalls—and it’s perfectly legal to do so. Unfortunately, some repairs are vital. Delia Robles, a 50-year-old woman in Riverside, California, was driving her 2001 Honda Civic when she was killed by her airbag exploding, sending metal parts flying. Her vehicle was among the many recalled due to a defective Takata airbag, which is believed to have caused approximately 15 deaths to date. She was yet another used vehicle buyer who unknowingly purchased a dangerous vehicle.

New car dealers must disclose and repair vehicles under recall, but used car sellers are not required to disclose or repair recalls for sales transactions. Read the rest »

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Do Electric Cars Have Disadvantages in Accidents?

By Car Accident Help on February 10, 2018

pexels-photo-110844In recent years, there have been more options in the hybrid and electric vehicle market. These vehicles are touted as more environmentally friendly, and obviously reduce our dependence on oil.

Since 2007, there have been over 3.6 million such vehicles sold in the U.S. There are dozens of “pros and cons” that can be debated when evaluating electric vehicles, but one potential consideration is how these new vehicles compare to gas-powered vehicles in accident safety. Read the rest »

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Car Hacking: Could It Happen to You?

By Car Accident Help on January 25, 2018

pexels-photo-97079The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation has reported that statewide, there were 10,169 car thefts in 2015. In Tulsa, there has been a recent wave of auto thefts. These thieves seem to work in small groups, moving through residential neighborhoods after dark. In addition, the thieves use garage door openers from the vehicles with attached garages to access homes, searching for valuables. With more surveillance cameras now in use, many of the thefts can be seen on tape. Read the rest »

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Autonomous Trucks—Are They Safer?

By Car Accident Help on October 31, 2017

eighteen-wheeler-614201_1920Autonomous vehicles have the potential to improve transportation of both goods and passengers.

Self-driving vehicles are likely to emerge in the commercial trucking sector, a large segment of the economy that is responsible for transporting 70% of all freight, which translates to over 10 billion tons. An American Trucking Association (ATA) report stated that the industry is currently in need of 48,000 additional drivers. Read the rest »

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Volkswagen Faces More Recall Woes

By Car Accident Help on October 21, 2017

vw-2541294_1920The wave of automobile recalls has continued in 2017 with Volkswagen now conducting a recall on 281,000 vehicles across the U.S. for a potential problem involving fuel pump failure. This applies exclusively to models with gasoline-powered 4-cylinder engines, including the 2009–2016 CC models and the 2006–2010 Passat models. Records show that there is a potential electric outage in the module that controls the fuel pump. This lack of power results in a sudden stoppage of flowing fuel, which stalls the engine, stopping the vehicle in its tracks. Read the rest »

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Driverless Trucks Coming to a Highway Near You

By Car Accident Help on October 7, 2017

truck-602567_1920A House Committee on Energy and Commerce bill known as H.R. 3388 that encourages the production “self-driving vehicles” is being considered in Congress. Read the rest »

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Takata Strikes Again

By Car Accident Help on October 1, 2017

texture-860666_1920An investigation is underway after the 13th death attributed to a faulty Takata airbag unit. Read the rest »

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Theories of Product Liability in Oklahoma

By Car Accident Help on December 1, 2016

automobile-seatThe idea of product liability is a shift of responsibility for the injuries sustained by an individual to the company responsible for the manufacture or design of a product. Especially given that parents are legally obligated in Oklahoma to use car seats for their offspring, it is imperative that these products are to be designed and produced in such a way as to protect lives and increase safety.

Read the rest »

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Who Can Be Held Liable for Oklahoma Car Accidents Caused by Defective Auto Parts?

By Car Accident Help on July 5, 2016

With busy roads spanning the greater Oklahoma City area, car accidents are a frequent occurrence. Accidents can have many causes including reckless driving, negligence, intoxication, and manufacturer defects. Accidents can result in serious property damage, injury, and death. Because of the inherent risks, the federal government is adamant about making sure our vehicles and our roads are built and maintained as safely as possible. Cars made available to the public have to be tested and proven to be safe for driving American roads. When a law-abiding driver falls victim to an accident caused by a manufacturer defect, they may be eligible for compensation.

Designing, building, and distributing safe cars are the responsibilities of auto manufacturers.  The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act assures that the automotive industry stays accountable to this. Originally passed in the late 1960’s, this act requires all vehicles to pass federal safety inspections. If a vehicle, or a defective vehicle part, is determined federally unsafe, it must be recalled. Millions of cars and parts are recalled each year. Read the rest »

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NTSB Considers Ways to Improve Tire Safety Information for Consumers

By Car Accident Help on April 20, 2015

When a motor vehicle is recalled for a hidden defect, vehicle owners can look up their vehicle by VIN on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. Auto manufacturers keep track of VIN ownership and strive to contact as many vehicle owners as possible about recalls.

But no similar system exists for tires, and for that reason, thousands of vehicles are still on U.S. roads with defective tires, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Read the rest »

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