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Motorcycle Accident

All About Moped and Scooter Accidents

By Car Accident Help on May 24, 2018 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

photo-1512475673240-c0e17957c46bWhile there is a definite financial benefit to riding a scooter or moped, there are also a few downsides.

Much like motorcyclists, moped and scooter riders are often the victims of an accident because a driver did not see them. Drivers often turn into the path of the smaller vehicle, or change lanes into it with devastating consequences. Read the rest »

Motorcyclist Killed in Oklahoma City Construction Zone Accident

By Car Accident Help on November 24, 2017 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

city-1907536_1920A fatal motorcycle crash was recently reported in Oklahoma City. A 48-year-old man was driving a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on I-235 approaching a construction work zone. He apparently slowed down and was hit in the rear by a Chevrolet. The man, who was not wearing a helmet, died at the scene. Investigators are still reviewing the details of the collision. Read the rest »

You Don’t Have to Wear a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle—But Should You?

By Car Accident Help on October 28, 2017 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

vespa-1622098_1920Motorcycling has its own “gear.” Riders usually wear long sleeves and pants, gloves, boots, and some wear a helmet.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), Department of Transportation-approved helmets improve rider safety. The effectiveness of helmets has been documented in studies for many years, and the MSF strongly suggests that riders make the responsible choice. A helmet does not guarantee that a motorcycle rider will survive a crash, but data indicates an improved chance of survival. Read the rest »

Finding Fault in Lane Splitting Accidents

By Car Accident Help on February 6, 2017 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle-stopLane splitting involves the riding of a motorcycle or bicycle between lanes of traffic traveling on the road. Lane splitting often occurs when traffic is slow or congested, and the rider splitting lanes seeks to make headway compared to the flow of traffic. Lane splitting is also referred to as stripe riding and lane sharing. Aside from using lane splitting to pass cars stuck in traffic, riders also use the technique to pass traffic stuck at a red light and pull up to the front of the intersection.

Currently, lane splitting is not legal in Oklahoma. In fact, the only state where it is legally permitted is California. Studies have concluded, however, that despite the legal status, lane splitting is often the safer option for motorcycle riders approaching traffic and stop lights. Aside from the ostensible threat it poses to riders and drivers, lane splitting has been shown to reduce the motorcycle rider’s chances of being rear ended when an abrupt stop must be made.

Read the rest »

Becoming Familiar With Motorcycle Rider Rights

By Car Accident Help on February 2, 2017 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

motorcycleMotorcycle riders are frequently faced with dangers on the road. Reckless and incompetent drivers, debris, and poorly maintained roads can all pose serious threats to motorcycle riders. Because of the lack of safety apparatuses and protection, motorcycle accidents can be detrimental to the health of the riders involved.

To understand the rights of motorcycle riders in Oklahoma, it’s important to know the state’s requirements of riders. All riders age 17 and younger must wear helmets. Riders without windscreens must have eye protection, furthermore the height of the rider’s handlebars must not interfere with their line of sight. Riders are also required to ride with headlights on, even during the day. This gives extra assurance that the rider is easily visible to other drivers on the road. Along with these requirements, motorcycle riders also need to ride with functioning rear view mirrors on either side of their handlebars.

Read the rest »

Lenapah Motorcyclist Killed in Catoosa Collision

By Car Accident Help on August 18, 2014 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

Oklahoma Motorcycle CrashA 50-year-old Lenapah man was killed in an Oklahoma motorcycle accident involving a front-end loader. According to a KJRH news report, the fatal motorcycle crash occurred on Bird Creek near a gravel service road in Catoosa. Officials say the motorcyclist was traveling northbound when he collided with a front-end loader that was in the process of turning. KOCO.com reports that the victim was not wearing a helmet. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the front-end loader was not hurt.

Under Oklahoma Statute 47-12-609 (B), only motorcycle operators and passengers who are under 18 are required to wear a safety helmet. The dangers of head injuries, however, do not go away when you become an adult. All motorcyclists in Oklahoma would be well advised to wear a helmet whenever they ride. Helmets cannot prevent all fatal injuries, but they can significantly reduce the amount of brain trauma that can occur during a violent crash. Read the rest »

Passenger Killed in Oklahoma Motorcycle Crash

By Car Accident Help on June 10, 2013 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

A 39-year-old woman was killed when the motorcycle on which she was a passenger crashed into a guardrail. According to a NewsOn6 report, the fatal motorcycle accident occurred on Avery Drive west of Chandler Park in Tulsa County. Officials say the 42-year-old man who was driving the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed when he failed to negotiate a turn. The motorcycle left the roadway and struck the guardrail. The female passenger was pronounced dead at the scene, and the motorcyclist sustained injuries. It is not clear if the motorcyclist will be cited for the crash.

Speed is a common factor in Oklahoma motorcycle accidents. Under Oklahoma statute 47-11-801: “Any person driving a vehicle on a highway shall drive the same at a careful and prudent speed not greater than nor less than is reasonable and proper, having due regard to the traffic, surface and width of the highway and any other conditions then existing.” Motorcyclists who lose control of their vehicle because they are traveling too fast may be held accountable for their actions. Read the rest »

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Observed in May

By Car Accident Help on May 13, 2013 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

It is essential for all Oklahoma motorists to share the road responsibly. Sadly, many motorcyclists are injured or killed because of the negligence of a driver. To help reduce the number of motorcycle accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is promoting May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

There are a number of tips provided by the NHTSA to motorcycle riders and drivers to reduce the number of fatal collisions. Read the rest »

Teenager Killed in Oklahoma Motorcycle Accident

By Car Accident Help on November 26, 2012 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

An 18-year-old man was killed in a recent Oklahoma motorcycle accident after striking an object on the roadway. According to a News OK report, the young motorcyclist was killed on State Highway 3W north of Ada. Officials say he crashed after the motorcycle he was riding struck an unspecified object on the roadway. He was wearing a helmet at the time of the fatal accident. There is no information regarding the type of debris he struck or about who may have dropped or dumped that debris on the roadway.

According to a report released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in 2007, roadway debris causes approximately 25,000 traffic accidents and nearly 100 traffic accident-related deaths each year nationwide. Read the rest »

Young Motorcyclist Suffers Burn Injuries in Oklahoma Crash

By Car Accident Help on November 7, 2012 | Posted in: Motorcycle Accident

A 17-year-old Midwest City High School senior was injured in a recent Oklahoma car accident when his 1997 motorcycle collided with a Chevy Impala and caught fire. According to a KOCO news report, the motorcycle crash occurred on northeast 10th Street near Lee Avenue in Midwest City. Officials say the motorcycle struck the front passenger door of the car before bursting into flames. The high-school student was knocked unconscious and severely burned. He has been listed in extremely critical condition and has sustained third-degree burns on 50 percent of his body. Officials are looking into whether the driver made an improper left turn before the crash.

It is common for motorcycle accidents to result from a failure to yield the right-of-way. Drivers who are distracted, speeding, or otherwise negligent often miss an approaching motorcycle. It is crucial that motorists obey the law by remaining focused and by yielding the right-of-way. Read the rest »


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