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Dangerous Products

Say Hello to Navigation System Distraction

By Car Accident Help on March 3, 2018

driving-distracted-car-phone-navigation-863123_1920With the widespread use of GPS navigation systems, it’s no surprise that they sometimes cause accidents.

GPS is available in the form of a standalone portable device, as an app on most smartphones, and as a standard feature installed in new vehicles. People are gradually becoming more dependent on navigation systems, and “blindly” following the directions may lead to major problems. Read the rest »

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When Mechanics Make Mistakes

By Car Accident Help on February 21, 2018

customized-3024203_1920Between 2006 and 2016, there were roughly 221,000 to 228,000 automobile repair and maintenance businesses in the United States. People have an ongoing need to look after their cars, and thankfully, the vast majority of auto repairs are completed without any problems.

But situations do arise where a repair was misdiagnosed, done incorrectly, or used the wrong materials. Let’s look at examples of negligent repairs and address when negligent work can lead to an accident and liability on the part of the mechanic. Read the rest »

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Honda Pays Record Fines After Failing to Report Vehicle Injuries and Deaths

By Car Accident Help on January 12, 2015

Honda Motor Co. recently agreed to pay fines totaling $70 million dollars in the United States after an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that the automaker had failed to meet its obligations under the federal Early Warning Reporting System, according to an article in the Huffington Post.

A NHTSA investigation began looking into Honda’s reports to the Early Warning Reporting System, which collects information about vehicle damage, warranty claims, injuries, and deaths that may point to a hidden vehicle defect or other serious problem.  The system provides information to support vehicle recalls and to inform the public, making it a key part of the work of many experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyers.  Automakers are obligated to report certain events to the system in order to aid in tracking. Read the rest »

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Safety Regulators Investigate GM Following Recall

By Car Accident Help on March 10, 2014

General Motors (GM) recently recalled 1.6 million older-model compact cars for ignition issues that led to at least 13 car-crash fatalities. Now, according to a report by the Associated Press, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating how GM handled the recall. In a 27-page order sent directly to GM, NHTSA demanded communications and data relating to when the company knew about the defective ignitions and why they failed to issue the recall sooner.

NHTSA is specifically looking for whether GM withheld evidence and delayed its response. This is a serious issue because at least 13 traffic fatalities have been reported as a result of the defective ignitions. Furthermore, failing to inform NHTSA of safety defects within five days of discovery can result in serious fines. If GM knew of the faulty ignitions and failed to tell the NHTSA, they could face fines of up to $35 million. Read the rest »

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Graco Recalling Millions of Child Seats

By Car Accident Help on February 24, 2014

If you currently use a Graco child car seat, you would be well advised to look into whether it is one of the 3.8 million seats that have been recently recalled. In what is being called the fourth-largest child seat recall in U.S. history, Atlanta-based Graco Children’s Products has recalled 11 models made from 2009 to 2013. According to a recent ABC Action news report, the defective seats can become difficult to unlatch. The recall was issued after a number of parents filed reports stating that their children got trapped in their seats because of buckles that can stick together. Some had to use a knife to secure the release of their child.

Graco is currently under fire not only because of the recall but also because of the car seats they excluded from the recall. The NHTSA believes that Graco should recall another seven models that have the same defective buckles. Graco, however, has not recalled those models because they are for infants. Read the rest »

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Ford Recalls Escape SUVs for Fire Hazards

By Car Accident Help on December 2, 2013

Ford is recalling Escape SUVs to fix oil and fuel leaks, which could potentially lead to fires. According to a news report in USA Today, the automaker has recalled the Escape SUVs seven times since they were redesigned and went on sale in the spring of 2012. The most recent recall involves more than 161,000 SUVs worldwide from the 2013 model year. These vehicles have the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines.

The leaks could occur because the fuel lines in about 12,000 may have been installed incorrectly. So far, Ford has received reports of 13 fires, but no injuries. The Escape has been recalled for a variety of issues since July 2012 including defective carpet padding that can interfere with brake pedals, coolant leaks, and child safety locks. When this particular recall begins in January, dealers will repair the cooling and control systems and replace fuel lines at no cost to consumers. Read the rest »

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Subaru Recalls Vehicles for Defective Steering

By Car Accident Help on May 23, 2013

If you have a new Subaru, your vehicle may have just been recalled because of a dangerous steering issue. According to a CNN Money report, Subaru is recalling 5,379 Legacy and Outback cars that have a defective steering shaft. The recalled vehicles have a steering shaft that is composed of an inner and outer shaft. If these two pieces become separated, the driver can lose his or her ability to steer the car.

Subaru uncovered the potentially dangerous auto defect at a factory in Indiana. The auto manufacturer then received a complaint about a loss of steering control from a driver. They submitted a document to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on May 13, 2013 stating that they plan on notifying dealers about the recall within 30 days. Read the rest »

Honda Recalls Vehicles for Defective Brakes

By Car Accident Help on March 18, 2013

Honda and Acura vehicles are being recalled for braking issues that can potentially result in serious injury accidents. According to a report in USA Today, Honda is recalling 183,000 vehicles in the United States, including Pilot SUVs, Acura MDX SUVs, and Acura RL sedans, all from the 2005 model year as well as Acura 2006 MDX models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was petitioned to investigate the issue after vehicles started braking suddenly, causing vehicles to veer of the road.

Investigators say that the issue is with the vehicles’ stability control system. When working properly, this system helps drivers maintain control by selectively applying the brakes. Oxidation in a loose bolt or in the wiring, however, can result in sudden and prolonged braking. Anyone with a Honda or Acura SUV from 2005 or 2006 should research if their vehicle is potentially dangerous because of this defective auto part. Read the rest »

Toyota Issues Massive Recall for Brake Light and Airbag Failures

By Car Accident Help on March 19, 2012

Toyota has announced two separate recalls involving nearly 700,000 vehicles. According to a report in The New York Times, almost 187,000 Venzas from 2009-2011 and Camrys from 2009, as well as 495,000 Tacoma pickups from 2005-2009, have been recalled for safety concerns. Officials with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) say that the Venza and Camry models have issues with silicone grease that may cause the brake light to fail. The vehicles may also not start correctly or shift out of “park,” which could increase the risk of a car accident. The grease issues may be linked to grease from the gloves of assembly line workers from one of their plants. The Tacoma vehicles are being recalled because of safety concerns regarding airbags that fail to deploy in a crash.

Toyota is not the only car company that has recently issued recalls on their potentially defective and dangerous vehicles. Nissan has recently recalled about 23,500 Quest minivans from model years 2011 and 2012 because of issues with the fuel-pump control module that has resulted in engine stalling. Chrysler has recently recalled 210,000 of its 2004 and 2005 Jeep Liberty SUVs over concerns that a rear suspension component could rust and break. Read the rest »

Tread Separation Concerns Spur Goodyear Tire Recall

By Car Accident Help on February 29, 2012

Goodyear Tires has issued a defective product recall for about 41,000 Wrangler Silent Armor tires over concerns that the tread could separate and cause a car accident. According to an Associated Press news report, the Goodyear tires involved in this recall can be found on trucks, vans, and SUVs, and were made in 2009. About 27,000 of the recalled tires are now in service. In a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the tire maker states that the tread separation could occur “under severe usage conditions.” There is also the danger of a separated tread striking the car and damaging it, or worse, causing a tire failure.

When the recall begins on March 22, Goodyear will replace the recalled tires at no cost to consumers. The recall comes after a fatal rollover accident in Texas earlier this year took the lives of two people. Goodyear has apparently known about these problems for more than a year. The tire maker told the NHTSA that it has been looking at an increase in warranty claims relating to this issue since 2010. Read the rest »


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