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Oklahoma Construction Zone Crash Lawyers

Car Accidents in Construction Zones

Roadways can be dangerous even under normal conditions, but when construction crews are working to repair Oklahoma streets and highways, the number of accidents significantly increases in those areas. Although penalties are more severe when drivers violate traffic laws in construction zones, the hazards are such that accidents, sometimes severe ones, happen anyway.

Causes of Accidents

There are many causes of accidents in construction zones. These areas often have a reduced number of lanes, so traffic is forced into bottlenecks that can pose problems for drivers. There are also a large number of construction vehicles that can impede or block roadways. Poorly marked detours or lane reductions can often confuse or distract drivers. Many times, obstacles from road crews end up on the road and force drivers to swerve out of the way suddenly or cause damage to vehicles.

At the same time, the types of reckless driving that can lead to accidents anywhere on the road are exacerbated in construction zones. Dangerous behaviors such as distracted driving, speeding, or driving under the influence become even more threatening when they occur in an area where road repairs are underway.

For the same reasons that accidents are more common, when collisions occur in work zones, they are often more severe. The US Department of Transportation estimates that in 2014 there were 669 fatalities from crashes in work zones, which equates to 1.8 work zone fatalities per day.

Who is Responsible?

There could be a variety of negligent parties in a work zone accident, depending on the circumstances. For example, as mentioned above, if a driver is behaving recklessly and causes a collision, then you have the right to seek compensation for not only any damages to your car and current medical expenses, but also for future expenses and lost wages.

The same applies to negligence on the part of the work crew. Unfortunately for victims, trying to seek damages for an accident that takes place in a construction zone can be very complicated and difficult. Whether the crew works for a private company or they are government employees, they will be represented by large insurance companies that will do their best to keep settlements as low as possible.

Whatever the situation, it can be difficult to try a case that happened in a construction zone. Victims will need to prove that negligence occurred, and that might require gathering eye witness testimony, cell phone data, photographic evidence of the scene, any potential surveillance footage, etc.

In many cases, the injured parties are the construction workers themselves. They will be entitled to worker’s compensation, but the amount might not be enough to cover all the damages, including long-term rehabilitation and pain and suffering. In such cases, they too will need to seek compensation through a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the injury or perhaps even their employer if negligence on the part of the construction company led to the accident.

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