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Headphones and Car Accidents

By Car Accident Help on May 19, 2017

earbudsIn some respects, noise-canceling headphones are one of life’s greatest blessings. They allow wearers to focus intensely on their music, or audiobook, or whatever-else-it-is they are choosing to listen to. But for a driver or a pedestrian on the roadway, noise-canceling headphones can be a deadly distraction.

Dangers of Distracted Driving

There is no doubt that when a driver’s attention is on anything other than the road, accidents are more likely. We know that texting while driving can result in a driver taking his eyes off the road for just a fraction of a second—which can be long enough to cause a devastating accident.

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Are Self-Driving Cars the Future of Road Travel?

By Car Accident Help on May 2, 2017

tesla-motorsSelf-driving cars and automated travel have been popular elements in science fiction for decades. With enhancements in computerized intelligence and robotics, however, such concepts are quickly becoming reality. Just how popular these vehicles will become remains to be seen, but so far California has moved to adopt regulations to test and even deploy fully automated vehicles throughout the state. This is a major first step in demonstrating the viability of self-driving cars, and as these tests proceed, there will likely be repercussions across the U.S.

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What Happens if No Other Vehicles are Involved? Who’s to Blame?

By Car Accident Help on February 15, 2017

Oklahoma City Car Accident DeathsYou are driving down the road and the next thing you know, your car is wrapped around a tree (or under a guardrail) or somehow involved in a crash. Your car was the only vehicle on the road. Who is responsible? While it might seem like, because there was only one car involved in the accident that driver must have been the cause, the fact remains that there are indeed, other possibilities.

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Fighting Insurance Bad Faith Claims

By Car Accident Help on February 13, 2017

paybackInsurance. We all need to have it. We pay the insurance companies a premium to cover losses in the event that they happen. Moreover, those premiums are paid with the understanding and expectation that, if a loss is to happen, the insurance company will step up and pay for any losses that are supposed to have been covered.

What happens if there is a loss, and the insurance company doesn’t want to pay it? Your insurance company is under an obligation (contractual and otherwise) to act in good faith in resolving a dispute with you. This doesn’t mean they have to agree with you on every matter, but it does mean that they are expected and required to try to work with you within the confines of the policy they provided that you paid for.

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Bad Weather, Hydroplaning, and Trucking Accidents

By Car Accident Help on February 10, 2017

rainy-drivingWet Weather & Driving Conditions

Even for passenger vehicles, wet weather poses risks. Impaired visibility, decreased traction, and hydroplaning can occur on any car no matter how small. However, on a large commercial truck, what might have been a serious injury can become a devastating one due to their size and weight.

Truck drivers, the trucking companies that hire them, the shippers that hire them, manufacturers, and repair shops that maintain the trucks all are required to play a role in keeping the trucks safe on the road. Only the drivers are left to deal with the conditions in wet weather. What can and should truck drivers do in the rain?

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Accidents Caused by Sleeping Truck Drivers

By Car Accident Help on February 8, 2017

big-rig-truckTruck drivers are hard working, busy individuals. They are faced with strict deadlines and long hauls. Their demanding schedules are wherein lie the dangers they can bestow on themselves, other drivers, and pedestrians. Estimates by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration report that roughly 100,000 trucking accidents can be linked to drowsy or sleeping drivers annually.

If these staggering numbers don’t upset you, consider a study conducted by Harvard School of Medicine. Their Sleep Medicine Division concluded that roughly 250,000 people are reported to fall asleep while driving each day in the United States. Also noted in the study was the conclusion that roughly 50% of the test’s participants drove while drowsy, and another 25% divulged that they actually fell asleep while driving, even if it was only momentarily. Truck drivers were grouped differently in the test, and thus scored differently. However, half of the truck drivers questioned still admitted to having “drifted off” while on the job.

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Finding Fault in Lane Splitting Accidents

By Car Accident Help on February 6, 2017

motorcycle-stopLane splitting involves the riding of a motorcycle or bicycle between lanes of traffic traveling on the road. Lane splitting often occurs when traffic is slow or congested, and the rider splitting lanes seeks to make headway compared to the flow of traffic. Lane splitting is also referred to as stripe riding and lane sharing. Aside from using lane splitting to pass cars stuck in traffic, riders also use the technique to pass traffic stuck at a red light and pull up to the front of the intersection.

Currently, lane splitting is not legal in Oklahoma. In fact, the only state where it is legally permitted is California. Studies have concluded, however, that despite the legal status, lane splitting is often the safer option for motorcycle riders approaching traffic and stop lights. Aside from the ostensible threat it poses to riders and drivers, lane splitting has been shown to reduce the motorcycle rider’s chances of being rear ended when an abrupt stop must be made.

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Becoming Familiar With Motorcycle Rider Rights

By Car Accident Help on February 2, 2017

motorcycleMotorcycle riders are frequently faced with dangers on the road. Reckless and incompetent drivers, debris, and poorly maintained roads can all pose serious threats to motorcycle riders. Because of the lack of safety apparatuses and protection, motorcycle accidents can be detrimental to the health of the riders involved.

To understand the rights of motorcycle riders in Oklahoma, it’s important to know the state’s requirements of riders. All riders age 17 and younger must wear helmets. Riders without windscreens must have eye protection, furthermore the height of the rider’s handlebars must not interfere with their line of sight. Riders are also required to ride with headlights on, even during the day. This gives extra assurance that the rider is easily visible to other drivers on the road. Along with these requirements, motorcycle riders also need to ride with functioning rear view mirrors on either side of their handlebars.

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Tire Blowouts Lead to Serious Oklahoma Truck Accidents

By Car Accident Help on January 30, 2017

tire-blowoutIt’s not uncommon to see the aftermath of a tire blowout on the highway and drivers doing their best to avoid running over fragments of rubber that was left strewn across the road. Tire blowouts are a scary and dangerous experience, not just for the driver of the vehicle affected, but also for other motorists who happen to be nearby when it happens. This is especially true in the case of big trucks that have tire blowouts. Driving alongside big trucks is generally intimidating enough without adding exploding tires to the circumstances. The combination of flying rubber pieces, possible hazardous cargo, and the potential for an out-of-control truck that weighs a great deal to topple over can make for an extremely perilous situation. Unfortunately, the motorists in passenger vehicles who are traveling close by instantly find themselves at risk for serious injuries.

Because of the extensive damage that a tire blowout can cause, it’s critical for truck drivers to be vigilant about properly inspecting and maintaining their tires. Even with this knowledge, many drivers and trucking companies ignore signs of excessive tire wear, and as a result, blowouts remain a leading contributing factor in truck accidents. If you have been involved in an Oklahoma truck accident due to a tire blowout, it’s vital to speak to an experienced lawyer right away about your eligibility for compensation.

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The Dangers of Left Turn Accidents in Oklahoma Car Accidents

By Car Accident Help on January 27, 2017

Accident-intersectionMost drivers will be required to make a left-hand turn at one time or another in order to get wherever they need to go. It’s a common driving maneuver that you might not think too much about, but it has gained widespread attention for being one of the leading causes of traffic accidents over the years. What seems like a simple act of turning left frequently has dangerous outcomes when one vehicle has to cross the path of another driver, a motorcyclist, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian at an intersection.

With all the things that have the potential to go wrong during a left turn, the resulting injuries can be very serious. In the instance you’ve been hit by a driver making a left turn, an Oklahoma car accident lawyer can assist you with getting the monetary damages you’re eligible for.

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