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Who Can Be Held Liable for Oklahoma Car Accidents Caused by Defective Auto Parts?

By Car Accident Help on July 5, 2016

With busy roads spanning the greater Oklahoma City area, car accidents are a frequent occurrence. Accidents can have many causes including reckless driving, negligence, intoxication, and manufacturer defects. Accidents can result in serious property damage, injury, and death. Because of the inherent risks, the federal government is adamant about making sure our vehicles and our roads are built and maintained as safely as possible. Cars made available to the public have to be tested and proven to be safe for driving American roads. When a law-abiding driver falls victim to an accident caused by a manufacturer defect, they may be eligible for compensation.

Designing, building, and distributing safe cars are the responsibilities of auto manufacturers.  The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act assures that the automotive industry stays accountable to this. Originally passed in the late 1960’s, this act requires all vehicles to pass federal safety inspections. If a vehicle, or a defective vehicle part, is determined federally unsafe, it must be recalled. Millions of cars and parts are recalled each year. Read the rest »

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Serious Injuries Caused by Seat Belts

By Car Accident Help on June 27, 2016

With more drivers on the road, Oklahoma City has seen an increase in auto accidents. Car accidents incur a massive number of bodily injuries, some of which seat belts have contributed to.

When an accident occurs, and the vehicle comes to a sudden and violent stop, a seat belt is often the only means of slowing the momentum of the moving bodies inside. It is a jolting and harsh action to be slowed so suddenly by a seat belt, and people often suffer injuries at the sites where their bodies make contact with the belt. Abrasions on the chest and abdomen of people wearing seat belts are commonly seen in the wake of car accidents. Subcutaneous bruising, or bruising which occurs beneath the skin, as well as sternum fractures, which are breaks or cracks in the bone running down the center of the chest, have become among the most common injuries to be suffered from seat belts. Read the rest »

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Common Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

By Car Accident Help on June 22, 2016

The spinal cord is a delicate bundle of nerves that’s strung down through the inside of the backbone. It plays a pivotal part in connecting to the brain stem and carrying important messages to different parts of the body. Because of the major role it plays in our daily life, spinal cord injuries can be tragic, painful, and costly.

Spinal cord injuries are far from uncommon in the medical world. With roughly 8,000 new cases diagnosed each year; spinal cord injuries make up a serious fraction of the debilitating injuries suffered in America. Most spinal cord injuries occur in young people, and the majority of these injuries are caused by car and motorcycle accidents. As the spinal cord is responsible for controlling so much of the body’s movement, damage to it can have serious consequences. Complete loss of mobility, or paralysis, as well as death can all result from an injured spinal cord. Read the rest »

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Who is Responsible in an Accident with a Truck Driver Under the Influence?

By Car Accident Help on June 17, 2016

In Oklahoma in 2015, a truck driver killed four members of a college women’s softball team in a vehicle accident. According to records released by the National Transportation Safety Board, the truck driver, Russell Staley, had a history of using synthetic marijuana.

Unfortunately, trucking accidents involving drugs or alcohol are not uncommon. All too often, truck drivers get too little sleep and are tempted to use prescription or non-prescription drugs to make up for lost hours of rest. Some of these drugs are illegal. They also impair the driver’s ability to drive a large truck safely and can lead to catastrophic accidents. Read the rest »

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Head Injuries Most Commonly Suffered in Oklahoma Car Accidents

By Car Accident Help on June 7, 2016

Car accidents are terrifying for everyone involved, and can cause numerous types of injuries. Brain or head injuries, however, can often be the most severe and mysterious.

Even in a minor collision, the head and brain are often left exposed, and any driver involved should seek medical attention right away in case of internal bleeding or a concussion.

At the time of an accident, a concussion can seem insignificant considering the severity of other injuries typically associated with car accidents, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can also be tricky to diagnose, as signs of a concussion are often not noticed until days or even weeks after the event. Read the rest »

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Two People Killed In Three Vehicle Choctaw County Collision

By Car Accident Help on February 15, 2016

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) announced that two people were killed on U.S. 271 recently, just five miles from the town of Hugo in southern Oklahoma. The OHP stated that the three vehicle accident resulted in the death of two adults, 32 and 45 years old. Two other individuals, one a 14 year old girl, were injured in the crash.

The accident reportedly happened when a pickup truck slowed to make a left hand turn onto a county road. A vehicle following the truck rear-ended it when trying to pass, then collided head-on with a third vehicle going the opposite direction. Read the rest »

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Triple Vehicle Crash Occurs After Routine Norman Traffic Stop

By Car Accident Help on February 8, 2016

Recently, a driver plowed into a police cruiser that had pulled over another vehicle for a minor moving violation. The accident occurred after a Norman police officer pulled over a woman and her daughter for driving with a broken tail light. While the officer was speaking to the woman, a third vehicle slammed into the officer’s cruiser, severely damaging all three vehicles. So far, no injuries have been reported.

The woman driving the vehicle that was pulled over stated that the driver of the vehicle who slammed into the cruiser was drunk. This has not been verified. Read the rest »

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New Jersey Jury Indicts Truck Driver In Tracy Morgan Crash

By Car Accident Help on February 2, 2016

Just before Christmas last year, a New Jersey grand jury indicted the driver of the Wal-Mart truck that slammed into the limo carrying comedians Tracy Morgan and James McNair. McNair was killed and Morgan was severely injured in the accident. The driver is being charged with first-degree aggravated manslaughter, second-degree vehicular homicide, and third-degree aggravated assault.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) ruled that driver fatigue was the cause of the 2014 accident. The Wal-Mart corporation recently settled related lawsuits from McNair’s family, Morgan, and others injured in the accident. Read the rest »

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Oklahoma Among Worst States for Drivers

By Car Accident Help on January 25, 2016

Anyone who lives in Oklahoma knows that the land is beautiful. Our landscape includes Great Plains, mountains, many lakes, and thousands of square miles of forest. It’s a great place to go for a road trip.  But, those roads can be dangerous. Based on statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Oklahoma is one of the more dangerous places in America to drive.

The NHTSA recently released its 2014 car accident data. According to the numbers, Oklahoma is the 13th most dangerous driving state in America. Unfortunately, the Sooner State ranked high in some pretty bad categories. Here are some scary numbers: Read the rest »

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Dangerous Roadways in Oklahoma City

By Car Accident Help on December 28, 2015

Recent national surveys rank Oklahoma as number 10 in fatal traffic accidents. This is an astounding statistic considering our state ranks number 28 in population. The National Safety Council (NSC) attributes the growing danger of our roadways to several factors:

  • Distracted driving:

The NSC estimates that 25 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by drivers using cell phones and other electronic devices. Read the rest »

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